My mission is to show people that their darkness is their gift, and to help them explore, integrate, and transmute their pain into the light.

Hi, my name is Shelbi!

I’m an intuitive medium, energetic healer and spiritual counselor who helps people live a more awakened life -- physically, emotionally, and energetically.

I’m on a mission to help souls who feel overwhelmed by trauma and pain to integrate and transform their shadows into light. Through sharing my story and my gifts with the world I hope to inspire others to overcome their trauma and empower them to heal. 

"After our sessions, I have deep confidence in my abilities to heal myself, and I am continuing to make progress towards that end. Most importantly, I'm able to relax into the journey, acknowledging and embracing the challenges as they arise. I am very grateful to Shelbi for sharing her wisdom and strength with me, and I am so delighted that she is sharing her gifts with the world."

-Karen C.